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Teddy Bears & Cuddles

Chocolate Delight Package
  A delightful package of imported chocolates for your loved-one to enjoy Package includes:Cadbury Dairy Milk 160gCadbury Fruit & Nut 160gHershey's Creamy Milk ChocolateSnickers ClassicMaltesers 150g2 KitkatM&Ms Milk ChocolateM&Ms PeanutToblerone Milk Chocolate 100gToblerone White Chocolate 100gToblerone Bittersweet Chocolate 100g Note: Chocolates delivery depends on availability. has the right to substitute the included products in case design or actual product is not available with an equally priced product or of greater value.  Example substitute Piggies with other designs or change them to bears instead. *Pls tell recipient to refrigerate when initially received.  Due to the Philippine weather, it's expected that chocolates are moist and soggy and should be place inside the refrigerator for a few minutes for the recipient to enjoy.